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Final Monster Hunter World beta coming to PS4

06 January 2018

With a brand new trailer, seen above, we get our first look at Elder Dragons coming to the game, as well as some fresh new details regarding DLC and beta information! It's only for PlayStation 4 players, however, so keep that in mind. The Monster Hunter World Starter Packs include either a black or white 500 GB PS4, as well as a copy of the game.

You'll be able to hunt down the Nergigante and try out the same quests for Anjanath, Barroth, and Jagras as well. The beta will run until January 21 at 6 PM Pacific Standard Time, and you can preload the beta on the 17th so you're ready to go the moment the servers let you in.

Final Monster Hunter World beta coming to PS4

"Capcom today confirmed that there are plans for post-launch support of Monster Hunter: World with regular content updates, as well as major title updates for free".

Capcom is sneaking in one last beta test for Monster Hunter: World before the game's January 26 launch on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One (with the PC release set to follow this autumn). The new trailer shows off a few of these beasts that you'll encounter in your journeys, along with the Elder Dragons Teostra, Dodogama, and Kushala Daora. Dodogama will be making its first appearance in World, and is a rock-eating dragon that can cause said rocks to become explosive with its saliva.

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Final Monster Hunter World beta coming to PS4