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JetBlue flight slides off Logan Airport taxiway

27 December 2017

A JetBlue Airbus A320 slid off a taxiway shortly after landing on Runway 27 at Boston's Logan Airport, at about 7:20 p.m. on Monday night, the FAA has reported. Taxiways are the "roads" that planes use to roll to and from runways. "Pilot did a fantastic job".

When told that emergency personnel would be responding, the pilot said, "We just need a tow". "Everybody was applauding him at the end", said Chisholm.

One Savannah man aboard that flight says the passengers felt a sudden gust of wind as the plane was landing. "We just skidded on the ice". Passengers were jostled, but none were hurt.

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Firefighters loaded passengers into buses which took them back to the airport terminal after the spin.

Earlier on Monday, Logan Airport shut down its runways and grounded its flights due to heavy snow, which brought about poor visibility. Massachusetts Department of Transportation said it had almost 2,000 crews out plowing snow.

Although the precipitation was supposed to wrap up around noon, temperature continued to drop as National Weather Service warned of a "flash freeze" in the greater Boston area.

JetBlue flight slides off Logan Airport taxiway