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Manure 'bomb scare' close to USA official Mnuchin's house

25 December 2017

Strong incorrectly wrote "Mrs. Mnuchin", which could refer to the secretary's wife, who has become a target of hatred for her ostentatious displays of wealth.

Los Angeles police look over the poop package near Mnuchin's Bel-Air mansion Saturday night.


The gift was a box full of manure, the sender left the name "The American People".

Once police opened it and saw the horse poop, investigators deemed the package non-threatening, KTLA reported Saturday. And, according to aerial footage, there was a lot of it. Strong may face. The investigation is reportedly in the hands of the U.S. Secret Service. A Secret Service spokesman said the agency was aware of the incident but declined to comment further.

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Police cleared the package at around 8:45 p.m.

"We have $50 million homes and we can't move, we can't get out", Prince Frederick von Anhalt, who was trapped for two hours, said.

It is unclear whether Mnuchin was home during the incident. It was left in a neighbor's driveway and prompted a response from the LAPD's bomb squad. Of those calls, about 22 percent actually involve live devices, live military ordnance or illegal explosives.

Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin received a Christmas package containing horse feces at his residence in Los Angeles, as well as messages critical of the recently approved tax reform, authorities confirmed today.

Manure 'bomb scare' close to USA official Mnuchin's house