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British passports to switch back to blue after Brexit

25 December 2017

A century after it was introduced, the blue passport will once again be presented by United Kingdom travellers seeking to be allowed to "pass freely without let or hindrance" as they enter overseas countries.

But the Home Office has confirmed it will be scrapped when we leave on March 29, 2019.

Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis told BBC Radio 4′s Today programme he knew many Remain voters who still had an "attachment" and "speak fondly" of the blue passport, something a giddy Farage recalled on LBC, with a story beginning with, "I remember in 1988".

Prime Minister Theresa May announced the return of the passport design that is seen as a symbol of national identity for patriotic Brits and was replaced by the burgundy passport of the European Union nearly three decades ago.

Mr Lewis said he felt the new design would help Britain "restore national identity".

Costing £72.50 - the same as current passports, they will feature improved security features to protect against forgery, including a biometric microchip.

The current paper-based picture page will be replaced with a new, super-strength plastic polycarbonate material that will be more hard to alter.

Non-binding features agreed since 1981 by EU nations include the burgundy [purplish red] color, the typeface and the words "European Union" above the country name.

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And in 2007, Brussels tried to remove the phrase "Her Britannic Majesty" from the documents.

The UK's passport was originally navy blue in colour since the booklet form was launched in 1921.

The British pro-and-anti Brexit debate focused Saturday on the prospect that from 2019 British passports could end up being "made in Europe" with a retro look and without the EU's common burgundy-colored livery.

Powell rebuked politicians and commentators who have greeted the announcement, saying: "So long as they are content with symbols, rather than substance, I see no harm in letting them have their way".

A supplier for the new documents is yet to be found but the British passport is routinely re-designed in five-year cycles.

It was reported in September that a French and German company had been shortlisted to make the new passport, alongside British banknote printer De La Rue.

'I am delighted that we will be reverting back to our blue colour which was changed when we all became citizens of the European Union, ' he told the paper.

British passports to switch back to blue after Brexit