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Bill Belichick has reportedly had enough of Tom Brady's weird trainer

21 December 2017

Brady also successfully lobbied to get Guerrero on team flights and on the sideline at all games, according to the Boston Globe.

Under the revised policy, many of Brady's teammates who have been treated by Guerrero at Gillette are continuing to see him at the nearby TB12 Center.

Brady will continue to work with Guerrero, but it's hard to find any lasting dings in the Patriots' armor - or any sign that Brady may not haunt the Bills into his mid-40s - so any indication of a rift between Brady and Belichick should make Bills fans' ears perk up. He credits the trainer with helping him recover from the torn ACL he suffered back in 2008 and says he's a big part of the reason he's still able to play quarterback at the age of 40.

Hohler added the Boston Globe reported in 2015 that the Patriots' training staff expressed concern to Belichick regarding Guerrero's role with the team due to his methods clashing with theirs at times.

The trainer has an office near the Patriots locker room at Gillette Stadium. As far as practicing physical therapy, was he doing it without a license?

Alex Guerrero's career as Tom Brady's personal coach has come with its share of controversy over the years.

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Before he partnered with Brady, Guerrero faced sanctions by federal regulators after falsely presenting himself as a medical doctor and deceptively promoting nutritional supplements, according to government records.

Brady's connection to Guerrero is well-known. Guerrero helped the decorated quarterback launch the TB12 Center, where Brady and several other Patriots players have trained and received treatment since it opened in 2013.

There's been a longtime joke about how Belichick is so committed to winning, he'd even be willing to trade Brady at the end of his career if he felt it made the team better in the long run. According to the Globe's report, Belichick told a source, "Tom wants him".

Belichick clearly felt Guerrero was becoming a bit too close to the daily operations of the team, and in fact he likely still feels that way. "What am I supposed to do?"

Belichick, on the other hand, declined to comment on the changes in Foxborough.

Belichick famously dislikes distractions.

Bill Belichick has reportedly had enough of Tom Brady's weird trainer