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Google bans apps that push annoying ads to the Android lockscreen

02 December 2017

The Manage Data section shows the break-up of data spent in the last one hour, day, week or month.

Datally, the new service lists data consumption by app and enables users to shut off data transmissions by apps of their choosing, Google group product manager Josh Woodward told Reuters in an interview.

Through an update to the Google Play Policy Center, Google revealed it is banning apps from its store that introduce ads to a handset's lock screen.

Following years of complaints by users, Google is cracking down on Android apps that show shady ads on your lock screen, according to a new developer policy spotted by Android Police.

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Applications frequently use data in the background for updating content and information but with Datally's Data Saver feature users can already control data on an app-by-app basis, so that data only goes to apps they care about most.

In its quest to help us save on our data costs, Datally is also created to educate us on ways to save data based on our usage style. Datally also pro-actively notifies users of any public Wi-Fi networks available when the phone is hooked up to a data connection. With Datally, you can save more and do more with your data. It also allows users to allow or block any app they want from using mobile data. That's why we built Datally, an app that helps you understand, control and save data.

This app, called Datally, allows users to track their data usage in real time, and get personalised recommendations on saving data along with notifications of public Wi-Fi spots available nearby.

Datally also features a nifty button can block all data usage - users can press this if they want to restrict data usage exclusively for the app that is actually onscreen. Since I was connected to my office Wi-Fi, I ended up saving around 21% mobile data. Datally also prompts you to rate Wi-Fi networks. Having a separate app would help you in setting up restrictions for data usage as well.

Google bans apps that push annoying ads to the Android lockscreen