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Renowned Cult Leader Charles Manson Has Died In Hospital Aged 83

21 November 2017

The night after the Tate murders, members of the family randomly murdered Leno and Rosemary LaBianca. Manson also received first-degree murder convictions for the July 25, 1969, death of Gary Hinman and for the August 1969 death of Donald Shea.

His "Family" disciples committed at least nine murders, but it was the horrific killing spree of seven people on Aug 9 to Aug 10, 1969, that sealed his notoriety and earned him life in prison.

That was later changed to life in prison after California abolished the death penalty. He was once described as "the most unsafe man alive", never showing any remorse for their horrific crimes, including stabbing to death the heavily pregnant actress Sharon Tate, killed along with four other people at her California home. She was more than eight months pregnant when she was stabbed to death.

And while there's going to be that fringe element that gains great satisfaction from a macabre tribute to the convicted murderer, it became clear that folks were mistaking Charles Manson for the singer Marilyn Manson.

He even had one of his songs recorded by The Beach Boys.

The aim was for African Americans to be blamed, in the hope of sparking what he believed to be an impending and apocalyptic race war.

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Three "Manson Family" followers- Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel and Leslie Van Houten - were also found guilty of murder and sentenced to death.

After a trial that lasted a almost a year, Manson and four of his followers - Susan Atkins, Patricia Krenwinkel, Charles "Tex" Watson and Leslie Van Houten - were found guilty of murder. During that trial, Manson showed up in court with an "X" carved in his forehead.

She was convicted of trying to stop his imprisoned "family" from testifying and refused to give evidence herself - and served two short prison terms.

For what it's worth, Marilyn Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, explained in his autobiography, "The Long Hard Road Out of Hell", that his stage name is a play on Charles Manson.

Certainly, it's weird timing, seeing as Manson died on Sunday from natural causes.

Renowned Cult Leader Charles Manson Has Died In Hospital Aged 83