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Dog owners live longer, so in your face, cat fans

21 November 2017

The scientists added that owners of dogs who were originally bred for hunting, like terriers and retrievers, were found to have the lowest rates of heart disease among the group of 40 to 80-year-olds examined.

We're semi-serious. Some Swedish outfit published a study on the health of dog owners, and it turns out that owning a pooch can decrease risk of death by 33 percent. Risk of death among these dog owners fell by 11% and their chances of cardiovascular death were 15% lower.

The data cannot prove why the dogs reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, however one suggestion could be because dogs like walking, and it's frowned upon to let a dog go for a hike unaccompanied., so dog owners are likely to be fairly active.

That's good news for dog lovers, especially if they fit into the 30 million Americans who found out this week they have hypertension after federal guidelines changed.

"Perhaps a dog may stand in as an important family member in the single households", Mubanga said.

That dog in your home could be a lifesaver

Mental health has previously been shown to have a link to heart health, and previous studies have shown a link between loneliness and poor heart health. The study concludes that owning a canine pet may prevent cardiovascular disease and other heart conditions by increasing the dog owner's social contact and well-being.

A group of academics from Uppsala University in Sweden analysed the health records of 3.4 million people in the country, where databases contain detailed information on nearly everyone's hospitalisations, medical history and even whether they own a dog.

"We know that dog owners in general have a higher level of physical activity, which could be one explanation..." But the authors of the study attempted to clarify the reasons further.

While researchers say there's still more to investigate, benefits are thought to also come in part from increased immunity thanks to dogs bringing dirt into the home from outdoors.

Grigor Dimitrov clinches ATP Finals title
Thiem then received a medical timeout for a left knee problem. "It's the only game maybe I didn't serve well". He has won with 7: 5, 4: 6 and 6:3, reported Nova TV.

Dog owners live longer, so in your face, cat fans