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Donald Trump reverses course on trophy hunting, reimposes Obama-era ban

19 November 2017

"Will update soon with Secretary Zinke", Trump said in the tweet, referring to Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke.

The service said on Thursday that it would begin issuing permits to import "sport-hunted trophies from elephants hunted in Zimbabwe" between January 21 2016 and December 31 2018.

Just hours before, Trump's spokesperson Sarah Sanders had defended the US Fish and Wildlife Service's move to end the 2014 ban initiated under Trump's predecessor Barack Obama. On Friday, the Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee urged the administration to reverse the policy, calling it the "wrong move at the wrong time".

Earlier on Friday, Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended Trump's original repeal of the ban, saying, "This review established that both Zambia and Zimbabwe had met new standards, strict global conservation standards that allowed Americans to resume hunting in those countries".

French actress and animal rights activist Brigitte Bardot had previously criticized US President Donald Trump over his administration's move to loosen restrictions on hunting bears and wolves on federally protected land in Alaska

Despite the outcry and Trump's stated reversal, the global affairs page of the US Fish and Wildlife Service still - as of Saturday morning local time - says it will issue permits for importing big game animal parts.

The Obama Administration had banned imports of ivory tusks and other elephant parts.

In addition to noting the continuing population decline among elephants, Royce cited widespread corruption at the highest levels of government in Zimbabwe and the current political turmoil in the country following an apparent military coup earlier in the week. The animals are listed in the Endangered Species Act, which requires the U.S. government to protect endangered species in other countries. The population in Zimbabwe was found to have declined 6 percent overall, but some regions in the country reported populations were down as much as 74 percent. Hunters groups argue that hunting for sport can bring in tourism revenue that can aid conservation programs. The website says the photos were from a 2011 hunt in Zimbabwe.

However, critics say it will harm the dwindling elephant population.

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Donald Trump reverses course on trophy hunting, reimposes Obama-era ban