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Faculty votes 'no' to offer

17 November 2017

Students at Algonquin College and La Cite will find out today if they will be heading back to class soon.

If the deal had been accepted, it was expected that students and staff would have been back to classes either Tuesday or Wednesday.

There will be no end in sight for the longest college strike in Ontario's history as faculty across the province overwhelmingly rejected the province's latest offer.

More than 5,000 at Cambrian College and College Boreal in Sudbury have been out of the classroom as a result of the strike.

In order for the offer to be approved by OPSEU members, it must receive a yes vote of 50 per cent plus one vote.

"It was full of concessions and failed to address our concerns around fairness for faculty or education quality", said JP Hornick, chair of the faculty bargaining team for the Ontario Public Service Employees Union.

According to a Twitter account for Ontario College Faculty, 86 per cent of faculty voted against the offer.

The union has recommended its members reject the offer.

Kim McNab

The two sides resumed negotiations Thursday afternoon following meetings with Premier Kathleen Wynne.

Some might say the colleges had this coming.

About 500,000 college students have been out of class for more than a month, now the longest strike action on record by Ontario's 12,000 college professors, instructors, counsellors and librarians in Ontario.

"We are approaching the time where we will start to see people with lost semesters but we are not there yet", she said. "You have to meet a certain threshold and we're not there". Several colleges and contractors such as for food services and maintenance have laid off other workers due to the ongoing strike. "We need to work out the details together and we will do it quickly", Matthews said in a media statement.

"Given the length of the strike, we've advised students that the holiday break will run from the end of the day December 22, 2017 up to and including Wednesday".

A proposed class action lawsuit has officially begun as of November 14, 2017, and students are demanding a refund, backed by Charney Lawyers. "I am extremely disappointed and students are paying the price".

"As matters stand, students may lose an entire semester without being refunded their tuition and fees, or students may be required to repeat courses or take extended programs into the new year", reads information posted online.

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Faculty votes 'no' to offer