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Apple iPhone 8: Battery Issues Blamed On YouTube!

15 November 2017

A number of users of the app have reported problems with the battery on their device draining whilst using the app. Users are reporting problems with the app on both the iPhone and iPad. Minimal display bezels, OLED display panels and wireless charging have all been in the Android domain for a few generations (or more).

Apple's latest update to iOS 11 is set to offer faster wireless charging for iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X owners.

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There are several officially supported Qi fast wireless chargers for the iPhones from Mophie and Belkin, but the Apple trio should be able to reach its new maximum 7.5W charging speed with any wireless charger that has the output. However, Mac Rumours received a tip from accessory maker RAVpower about this new update and how it will be increasing the charging speeds. Apple went with the Qi wireless standard when it comes to wireless (inductive) charging, but only supports 5W charging in the most current public builds of iOS 11.

The report claimed that when tested using a Belkin charger (sold separately by Apple), which provides 7.5 W of power, the iPhone X charged from 46 to 66 percent in under 30 minutes. Still, 7.5W is faster than what you can get right now, so if you're buying your first Qi charging pad, check the box to make sure it outputs at least that much of a charge. The Qi standard, now at v1.2, actually supports up to 15W being delivered.

Apple iPhone 8: Battery Issues Blamed On YouTube!