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Trump offers to 'mediate' in sea dispute

13 November 2017

They are expected to hold one-on-one talks on Monday and, if Trump does not bring up any human rights concerns, Duterte is widely expected to trumpet the meeting as an endorsement. They were anxious that the United States intervention in the southern Philippines could worsen the situation, which is still recovering from battle against Islamist militants.

Protesters shout slogans holding portraits of U.S. President Donald Trump and Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte during a rally near the U.S. Embassy in Manila, Nov. 10, 2017.

"I just wanted to congratulate you because I am hearing of the unbelievable job on the drug problem", Trump said, not mentioning the thousands killed and global scorn. "Stabbing. That was when I was 16 years old, just because we just looked at each other", he said.

"Since ASEAN and APEC are regions of vast physical divide, a stable, interconnected and integrated infrastructure is necessarily the backbone of our progress", Duterte said.

The Philippines was to buy more than 20,000 assault rifles from the United States, but some senators, concerned with Duterte's human rights record and rising killings, blocked that sale.

In December past year he claimed to have personally shot dead criminal suspects to set an example to police during his time as mayor of southern Davao city, France 24 reported.

Speaking to an audience of Filipinos in Vietnam, Mr Duterte said he told Ms Callamard: "If you investigate me, I will slap you".

14 feared drowned in Andhra Pradesh boat mishap
Some of the survivors complained that the police that the boat was shaking right from moment it started from Bhavani Island. National Disaster Response Force personnel joined divers in the rescue operations, but these were hampered with the sunset.

She's been a critic of Duterte's approach to tackling the drug crisis, and denounced the government for carrying out "possible extrajudicial killings" and "a massive, government-led, human rights crisis".

"When I was a teenager, I was in and out of jail", he said, according to CNN. A person, really. During a fight.

"What have you been doing all the time? How much more now that I am president?"

It will be the last leg of a marathon Asia tour that, despite Trump's "America First" policy, may reassure some that his administration remains committed to a region that Beijing sees as its strategic domain.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers, though, were not satisfied with that response.

Duterte can expect blanket support from his ASEAN colleagues, many of whom are also shadowed by human rights controversies.

In a speech that started with his insisting he did not tolerate extrajudicial killings, Duterte apparently switches tack. "It is paramount that human rights violations not be the consequences of the Philippines" "war on drugs'".

Trump offers to 'mediate' in sea dispute