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The OnePlus 5T WILL NOT Feature Wireless Charging

10 November 2017

The phone is all set to launch in a week's time and the company has given us some hints about what to expect from the OnePlus 5T. A tall display with thin bezels, dual-cameras, great hardware and rumoured competitive pricing. OnePlus believes that its "Dash Charging" is better than wireless charging hence, it chose to forego including wireless charging.

Another given reason was that users won't be able to work on the device while it is kept on wireless charging pads. We've seen plenty of promotion from the company in an attempt to hype up the device as much as possible, and in this latest move, OnePlus is now looking for ten people to review the 5T ahead of its official launch.

Wireless charging is certainly exciting, and I look forward to the day when I can get 24 hours of power from keeping my phone on a charging pad for about one hour. It doesn't matter whether you're gaming or streaming video. With battery life dropping thanks to phones getting more powerful, we're all used to having to charge our phones every day. Firstly, he says that wired quick charging solution outshines wireless on quantitative measures. While that was a good news, it was then followed by a disappointment that the phone will not support wireless charging. The company notes that they will consider implementing the wireless charging feature "when the time is right". OnePlus 5T renders and specs includes a to-notch hardware specification like the original OnePlus 5, and with a new render of the handset recently hitting the internet, the phone seems aligned with expectations, and uses a similar design to the conventional smartphone.

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The OnePlus 5T's USA price may also be the same as the OnePlus 5, which means the 5T would retail for $479 for the 64GB variant as $539$ for the 128GB variant.

Such type of charging makes your phone more complicated to use.

In an update, Lau said that he was referring to The Wireless Power Consortium's Qi standard. Comparatively, in a wireless charging, the users will not have the convenience to pick up the device from the charging pad, when subjected to charging. Interestingly, Apple has also added wireless charging support for this year's iPhone lineup.

The OnePlus 5T WILL NOT Feature Wireless Charging