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Xbox One X Is for Gaming Connoisseurs, Says Xbox Head

09 November 2017

Many of them reported the same story that they had used their console for a while and turned it off, only to try to turn it back on again later and find that it had died. We can expect the next generation to be launched sometime in 2020.

Our testers are two longtime Xbox users: GeekWire editor Todd Bishop, still on an Xbox 360 that his daughter loves, and GeekWire reporter Taylor Soper, a more regular gamer who loves playing Federation Internationale de Football Association on his original Xbox One. We will report back with more details as they are announced. A subset of those boxes contained a special version of the hardware for early pre-order customers, the Project Scorpio Edition.

Unlike in previous years, Microsoft is only pushing a handful of exclusive titles for the Xbox One this Fall (most notably Forza Motorsport 7, Cuphead, and PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds).

The less expensive (and less powerful) Xbox One S will remain on sale and Spencer has said he believes this is the console that will appeal to a wider audience.

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Some lucky fans were blessed with not only an Xbox One X but an opportunity to challenge each celebrity to a game on the system.

Microsoft's Xbox 360 was notorious in its first few iterations of the console for having a relatively high failure rate, with the "red ring of death" becoming something of a meme over time.

Also on this episode, we check in with Todd's brand new iPhone X, which is now shipping to mailboxes and stores across the world.

Listen to the full episode above or download it as an MP3.

Xbox One X Is for Gaming Connoisseurs, Says Xbox Head