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Netflix subscribers targeted in yet another email scam

07 November 2017

While it may sound like a typical scam email, the document does look pretty authentic to netizens who aren't used to seeing scams like these, and so Netflix subscribers should practice caution. If updated, the scammers successfully steal the subscriber's personal information.

In its Help Centre, Netflix states they "will never ask for payment information to be sent to [them] over email".

There's no word yet on how many people have fallen for this scam.

Not only that but when the user actually clicks on the link provided in the email they are taken to a website that looks like a relatively convincing mock-up of a Netflix dashboard.

Flagged late last week by Mailguard, the new email scam comes in a phishing email that's been meticulously created to look like it came straight from Netflix itself, using the company logo and everything.

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The page looks legitimate with a Netflix logo and popular Netflix shows like The Crown and House of Cards, Deadline reports.

With the detailed data the fake website form asks for: address; credit card details; driver's license; mother's maiden name; etc, the scammers could potentially execute an identity theft and gain access to the victim's bank accounts as well as their credit cards.

Australian cybersecurity company MailGuard was the first to detect the fake email, which is targeting more than 110 million Netflix customers around the world.

Have you received the email from the fraudsters? For more tips on how to do this, Mailguard is full of ideas - and for starters, as they suggest, "Always hover your mouse over links within emails and check the domain they're pointing to". If they look suspicious or unfamiliar don't open them.

Netflix subscribers targeted in yet another email scam