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Here are the Russia-linked Facebook ads released by Congress

02 November 2017

This group, set up by Russians, created this post saying that the Black Panther party was "dismantled by USA government because they were black men and women standing up for justice and equality". The examples confirmed much of the reporting around the ads, which suggested the campaign was created to sow division among Americans through social issues.

The Silicon Valley firms frustrated lawmakers further by making few concrete promises beyond what they've already publicly committed to doing with additional unspecified commitments to do better.

In addition to these crude and clumsy efforts, The New York Times has noted a hoax that anyone familiar with American politics would recognize as utterly implausible, language on the DCLeaks website that described Clinton as "President of the Democratic Party" and referred to her "electional staff", and a tweet promoting the website that said, "These guys show hidden truth about Hillary Clinton, George Soros and other leaders of the USA".

"Don't let nation states disrupt our future", Burr said.

Below is a timeline of the aftermath of Russia's interference in the election - told through the responses of the companies who unwittingly enabled it.

It's splitsville for Selena Gomez, The Weeknd!
If I could speak with Gomez, I would give her some very simple advice that I got back in 2012. A member of Selena's family said "Justin is a vile human and will never be accepted by us.

"I hear all your words, but I have more than a little bit of frustration that many of us on this committee have been raising this issue since the beginning of this year, and our claims were frankly blown off by the leadership of your companies, and dismissed", Sen. "Your earliest presentations showed a lack of resources, a lack of genuine effort and a lack of commitment". "The idea that you had no idea of any of this happening, strains my credibility".

This fake ad helped draw thousands to a real world event in New York City's Union Square on November 12 to protest Donald Trump's victory in the presidential election.

Other examples show ads targeted to Trump supporters as well.

Warner explained how users can get lured to a page like "Army of Jesus", by encouraging users to like the page if they "want Jesus to win".

It's round two for the world's biggest internet companies as they face off against congressional lawmakers on Capitol Hill. The pro-Texas page-called Heart of Texas-encouraged its 253,000 followers to gather at an Islamic Center in the city on that day to stop the "Islamization of Texas", while a "United Muslims of America" page, which had 328,000 followers, pushed an event at the same time and place, calling on supporters to "Save Islamic Knowledge".

Here are the Russia-linked Facebook ads released by Congress