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Ranveer Singh Unveils Padmavati Trailer

10 October 2017

The much-awaited trailer of director Sanjay Leela Bhansali's magnum opus Padmavati was released Today.

Deepika Padukone as the handsome, elegant and unibrowed Queen Padmini aka Padmavati was enough to make the Twitterati fall in love with the gorgeousness of the actress, while Shahid Kapoor as Padmavati's husband, the grim, battle-ravaged Maharawal Ratan Singh was a delight and a revelation.

The shooting of the film saw several roadblocks with several fringe organisations protesting against Bhansali and the movie, under the assumption that Khilji will be seen romancing Padmavati onscreen. He wrote, "Sanjay Leela Bhansali's @FilmPadmavati". Ahead of the launch, the makers of Padmavati had announced that the trailer will be released at 13:03 PM. In the scene that shows Deepika sewing Shahid's turban totally wins you over and her enthralling charm just accentuates the beauty. Deepika Padukone, who features in the titular role, looks to have done complete justice to her character with her regal elegance.

In Padmavati, Ratan Singh and Alauddin Khilji are set for a fierce face-off, one that will end in Rani Padmavati committing jauhar, the Rajput custom of jumping into a fire and embracing death to avoid capture at the hands of the enemy. Khilji's evil character is brought alive on screen by Ranveer, who is reportedly so immersed in the role that he has to that psychiatric help to do away with its ill effects. The looks of the cast members have piqued everyone's interest from the average movie buff to Ranbir Kapoor to Karan Johar.

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After watching the trailer, it seems that no other actor can act better the role of Raja Ratan Singh than Shahid.

The trailer of Padmavati is out and it impressed everyone.

Padmavati is based on folklore that 14th-century ruler Alauddin Khilji fell in love with Padmini, the queen of Chittor.

The period drama movie is jointly produced by Bhansali Productions and Viacom 18 Motion Pictures. Even now, as the film's release date has been set for December 1, the Rajput outfit has vowed that they'd not let the film release in certain parts of India.

Ranveer Singh Unveils Padmavati Trailer