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Calm before storm: Trump leaves everyone guessing on N Korea, Iran move

08 October 2017

North Korea fired a missile over Japan last month and tested a hydrogen bomb, prompting Trump to insist that "all options were on the table" in an implied threat of pre- emptive military action.

How seriously should Americans - or the nation's adversaries - take his cryptic line? That's because he doesn't, a fact made painfully obvious on Friday when he repeatedly said "Puerto Rico" with what we can only assume is his impression of a Spanish accent.

He said: 'We're also praying for the people of Puerhto Rico, we love Puerhto Rico.

Reporters were led hastily to the grand State Dining Room, where they walked into a scene of the president, his highest-ranking military aides and their spouses posing for a group photo.

Following a Thursday meeting with defence officials in the cabinet room, he asked journalists: "Do you know what this represents?"

During the event honouring the Hispanic community for its contributions to the US, Trump said: "You teach our children".

White House Believes John Kelly's Cellphone Was Hacked, Says Report
IT staff inspected the phone for days before determining that it had been compromised . They are also uncertain of what data could have been seen or stolen.

Asked if Trump was referring to military action, Sanders hedged, "As we've said many times before. we're never going to say in advance what the president is going to do".

But she added, "We have a lot of bad actors in the world, North Korea, Iran, several examples there".

He's now deciding whether to decertify the Iran nuclear deal and also pushing for the denuclearization of North Korea.

McMaster, who normally dresses in civilian clothes at the White House, wore his uniform for the meeting. When asked about the specifics, the White House press secretary refused to go into details and stated that the money would come out of the president's funds.

During his speech to the United Nations General Assembly last month, Trump said the United States would "totally destroy" North Korea if needed to defend itself or US allies.

Calm before storm: Trump leaves everyone guessing on N Korea, Iran move