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Google's surprise camera is Google Clips

05 October 2017

Google Clips uses machine learning technology to automatically sense when there is something interesting happening in a scene, and will start recording to make sure your best moments are saved.

You can edit the videos by length, or select camera stills, and then export them as gifs, JPEGs, or what Google calls "Motion Photos", which are similar to Apple's Live Photos. But, with a nod to privacy, Google says that Clips can still do its thing while offline and not connected to Wi-Fi. What do you think of this new product? It's a camera created to take candid pictures of you automatically from its perch. It makes use of machine learning under the hood to fulfill a objective that's pretty unique. You don't need an internet connection for Clips, either.

That said, it also has 16GB of internal storage.

To turn on the camera, you simply twist its shutter. You can clip it to an object or set it down while you do something and it fires away. At $249, it's really only for people who want to capture what their kids or pets are doing when they aren't around, albeit for a short period of time.

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You also have the ability to share photos from directly within the app.

"How do you let yourself capture those fleeting moments, while being part of the moment?" asks Google product manager Juston Payne.

We've seen how well Google is able to optimize the camera performance of their smartphones and the Google Clips mini camera takes that a step further.

Clips sync wirelessly and in seconds from the camera to the Google Clips app for Android or iOS.

Google's surprise camera is Google Clips