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European Union chief Juncker approves possible secession of Catalonia from Spain

16 September 2017

The government of Catalonia launched its official campaign for a referendum on independence from Spain on Thursday.

"The state will pay to a great extent (civil servants) salaries".

Finance Minister Cristóbal Montoro said a mechanism had been approved for the state to take control of the autonomous region's finances.

"The will of the (Catalan) government is to continue to focus on dialogue and the exercise of democracy as a way to resolve the debate on political relations between Catalonia and Spain", the letter said.

"Somebody thinks that we won't vote on October 1?"

This new system will allow the Spanish state to "replace the region for the majority of essential spending", he added.

Catalonia's October 1st independence referendum might not even take place, given that the central government deems it illegal, but the campaign leading up to it began on Friday.

He said the arrangement implied "political control that is not related to the objectives of budget stability or to the purposes of state legislation in this matter".

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Prosecutors have also filed legal proceedings against the five members of an electoral board set up by the regional government to oversee the banned vote.

The Spanish government refuses to countenance a referendum on self-determination for the region of 7.5 million people, insisting the country is indivisible.

But the overture was roundly rebuffed by the spokesman for the Spanish government, Íñigo Méndez de Vigo, who said Madrid had not received the letter and only learned about it through the press.

But a big question mark remains over Barcelona, Catalonia's biggest city run by Mayor Ada Colau, a left-wing former activist.

The appeal comes at the end of a week in which the state prosecutor summoned mayors for questioning, and Catalonia rebelled against Madrid's fiscal rules. An open dialogue without conditions. The Spanish king Felipe VI said on Wednesday (13 September) that the Constitution would prevail in case of any breach, and that the rights of all Spaniards would be preserved.

'They can not try to break the law and with no consequences, ' she said, after harping on the illegality of such a scrutiny, with which the Catalonian separatist government wants to proclaim a sovereign State in that region of 7.5 million inhabitants.

Officials in Catalonia and the north-eastern region's capital, Barcelona, asked in a letter released on Friday for fresh dialogue on holding the vote with the government's permission.

Supporters of independence are celebrating already despite surveys indicating less than 50 percent of Catalonia's population want full self-rule.

European Union chief Juncker approves possible secession of Catalonia from Spain