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Macron urges European Union to avoid rupture with Turkey

10 September 2017

French President Emmanuel Macron paid his first state visit to Greece on September 7-8, calling for a stronger, more united Europe, noting that France plans to invest in Greece's economy.

French President Emmanuel Macron delivered an ambitious vision for how the European Union should reform, but used the opportunity to lash out the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for its role during the euro zone debt crisis.

No major protests had been planned against the French president. "We were, we are and we will be here", he said, underlining that this bond will continue to be strong.

Macron promised a road map for the rebuilding of the European Union in the coming months, arguing that nations sticking together inside the European Union was the only way to protect citizens against problems including climate change and terrorism.

"We would like to support growth which is returning to Greece, as we have showed solidarity so far", Macron said, urging Greece to continue on the reform path and that its global creditors would eventually take measures for the relief of the Greek debt load.

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"Ego oversized, arrogance" Emmanuel Macron gets a suit in the American pressThe New York Times, who in May saw the new head of state in France as " a new hope for Europe ", already considers Emmanuel Macron as a vitriolic forum written by a professor specializing in European politics".

Tsipras, having opposed the tactics of previous governments, came to power in 2015 with pledge to kick out the country's creditors and halt all austerity measures, only for Greece to become the recipient of a third bailout deal.

Macron renewed his call for tighter oversight of foreign investments in the EU - a message that Greece has opposed - and urged European investors to support the Greek recovery.

In June the International Monetary Fund demanded that Greece adopt more austerity measures in 2019 and 2020, after the current bailout program expires in August 2018.

"We are absolutely ready and determined to move in this direction and I'm certain our lenders have the same approach of avoiding hurdles and delays", Tsipras said.

Macron urges European Union to avoid rupture with Turkey