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Jaguar Land Rover to make only electric or hybrid cars by 2020

08 September 2017

Enzo Ferrari called the original Jaguar E-Type "the most handsome auto ever made", and guess what, Jaguar has just announced an electric version, 56 years after the original. The 40-kWh lithium-ion battery pack is roughly the same size and shape as the original XK six-cylinder engine and fits in its place; the electric motor goes where the gearbox used to be. It features a cutting-edge electric powertrain enabling 0-62mph in just 5.5 seconds. The iXE, CXJ, P-Type and T-Type have all been earmarked by Jaguar, although only time will tell us if they will be exclusively used for hybrid and electric offerings.

The concept could become part of a future mobility solution including autonomous, connected and electric cars, where vehicles are not individually owned but called up on demand.

Jaguar recently vowed that it wants to convert all of its existing vehicles into all-electric automobiles.

This vehicle looks every bit the classic E-Type, except, under the bonnet is a fully electric power train.

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Its first electric model, the Jaguar I-Pace, will be be built in Austria. And it has chosen the Tech Fest in London to show its plan of action, announcing it will offer an electrified powertrain on every model starting from 2020, and debuting an autonomous concept with a steering wheel that acts as a personal concierge. We believe this provides the optimum driving experience.

With electric auto technology evolving at a staggering rate, the small-scale electrification of classic cars has become inevitable. But there's still hope, Tim Hannig, chief of Jaguar Land Rover Classic told the Verge the company's "aim with the E-type Zero is to future-proof classic auto ownership".

That new electric drivetrain all packaged very cleverly to resemble the original auto, with the electric motor and reduction gear just behind the battery pack where the gearbox would have gone.

Both cars will be on display side by side at the Tech Fest which will be open to public from 8 September to 10 September. Sadly, the E-Type Zero is only a concept model, and we don't know anything about pricing.

Jaguar Land Rover to make only electric or hybrid cars by 2020