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Hurricane Irma: Broward sending shelter pets to California

08 September 2017

Hannah Thompson Weeman with the Animal Ag Alliance says they're watching the developments and encouraging producers to weigh in on the farm bill.

That is, until you see their "names" written on cards attached to their kennel doors.

The dogs that arrived at Crites Field in Waukesha Monday, after a stop in Oklahoma, are dogs that were already in the shelter system, many long before Harvey's arrival.

"It's a privilege to be able to do this", Comer said.

All of the dogs will receive a medical and behavioral evaluation before being placed in a shelter or with a boarder, with the hope that they will eventually be adopted.

That advice is echoed by the Humane Society of the USA, which says in an emergency guide posted online to make sure at the very least cats and dogs are wearing collars or identification tags. The Humane Society of Indianapolis also picked up 11 dogs.

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Aaron Johnson, director of the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, Texas, was on the ground helping stranded animals to shelters after Hurricane Harvey struck the state last month. They came with 43 dogs.

"This number is just going to continue to grow", Alboum said. Alboum said shelters around the country have told similar stories.

"The amount of goods we've had donated has enabled us to send food and other supplies to area shelters that are still operating, but can't get the supplies they need to run their operations", continued Johnson. The fees associated to spaying and neutering were also waived. "Something of this volume probably wasn't possible 10 years ago".

The animals being sent away from the flooded region are not family pets rescued from the flooding, but those impounded before Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Gulf Coast of Texas on August 25.

Responding initially to a request for assistance from the Humane Society of South East Texas (HSSET), after their facility was inundated with floodwaters, ARC reached out to other shelters and groups in the area to offer help and provide transport and placement for their existing adoptable animals.

Archer said the biggest challenge will be heartworm, as some cats and dogs in shelters in southern states test positive for the potentially fatal disease. "Pets are part of the family", Fadem said. "At least people are at least calling to find out".

Hurricane Irma: Broward sending shelter pets to California