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Unexploded WW-II bomb found in Frankfurt, 65000 residents evacuated

03 September 2017

A woman carries her belongings past a police officer experts prepare to defuse an unexploded British bomb in Frankfurt.

The British bomb is a 1.4 ton HC 4000 air mine, according to the statement.

Police set up cordons around the evacuation area, which covered a radius of 1.5 kilometers, as residents hauling suitcases or riding bicycles left the zone.

It was at that stage the largest-ever evacuation of a German city but has now been eclipsed by the latest Frankfurt bomb.

The work by bomb technicians started later than planned as some people refused to leave the evacuation area despite fire chiefs warning that an uncontrolled explosion would be big enough to flatten a city block.

As well as residents, more than 100 hospital patients from Frankfurt and Koblenz, including premature infants and those in intensive care, have also had to be moved to safety.

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Soon after 8 a.m., Frankfurt fire brigade spokesman Markus Röck said the evacuation procedure appeared to have gone smoothly. Others sat in cafes on the edge of the evacuation zone. "I have never seen anything like it".

Many residents said they were going to make the most of the day either by visiting relatives or enjoying a day out in a different part of the city until it is safe to return home in the early evening.

The two main shelters - at a convention center and a concert hall - can house up to 10,000 people, Röck told CNN.

The operation will take at least 12 hours, with evacuees having left their homes at around 8am this morning local time.

World War II may have ended over 70 years ago, but its legacy still lingers in cities across Germany.

The bomb was discovered on a building site last week and around 60,000 people were ordered to leave their residences in what was Germany's biggest evacuation since the war.

Unexploded WW-II bomb found in Frankfurt, 65000 residents evacuated