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Volkswagen Group UK launches scrappage schemes for brands

02 September 2017

"Combined, these new and demanding tests will soon give consumers emissions performance information that is far closer to what they experience behind the wheel - and inspire greater confidence that the new cars they buy are not only the cleanest but the most fuel efficient ever produced". However, it's not available in conjunction with any other offer.

Nissan is calling its scheme a "switch" plan as not all the cars traded in will be ditched.

Similar offers have been made by Ford, BMW, Hyundai and Mercedes.

Audi's scrappage contribution ranges from £2,000-£8,000, while Seat and Skoda are offering £1,500-£3,500 and £1,500-£4,000 respectively.

Volkswagen was the manufacturer at the heart of the diesel emissions scandal, after admitting it had fitted its cars with devices which allowed them to beat emission testing.

As a result, the European Union has introduced a reinvigorated and tougher emissions-testing regime for new cars, which includes using specialist equipment to examine the exhaust emissions of a vehicle as it drives on the open road.

Volkswagen has joined other major carmakers in launching its own diesel scrappage scheme.

The scrappage scheme in the United Kingdom represents an extension of a scheme already in place in the company's home market of Germany, where customers can benefit from a discount of up to €10,000 if they trade in their old diesel for a new auto.

Running until the end of the year, the scheme provides an additional £2,000 off any new BMW or Mini with official Carbon dioxide emissions of less than 130g/km.

Any vehicle in the VW range, aside from the Touareg, is eligible for discount, regardless of whether it's petrol or diesel-powered, hybrid or fully electric.

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Customers can access Renault's offers of either 4.9% APR PCP or 0% APR hire purchase along with two years free servicing on cars or 0% APR hire purchase with four years free servicing on vans.

Volkswagen is offering discounts on new cars in return for taking older, more polluting diesels off the road. An Auris Hybrid qualifies for savings of £3,500, while customers will be offered savings of £2,500 off the price of a new Yaris Hybrid. Offers are available on almost all of the Hyundai range, bar full electric versions of the Ionic.

All participating manufacturers under the VW Group umbrella will scrap traded-in vehicles and will not sell them on.

Most of the United Kingdom schemes will run until the end of December. This will definitely be cars built no later than 2010, although some cars had Euro 5 specification engines earlier than this.

This scrappage scheme is the first to promise that these older diesel vehicles traded in will be taken off the road and scrapped.

Combined with existing manufacturer offers, buyers could save up to £3,600 off the all-new Micra hatchback, or £5,000 off the X-Trail large SUV, if the auto is switched between 1 and 30 September 2017, and the new vehicle is registered by January 2018. After that, more stringent Euro 5 standards were enforced.

The vehicle must be registered to the current owner for at least six months to be eligible. Amounts for vans range from €2,000 to €4,000.

Electric and hybrid vehicles, which attract government grants, will be included in the scheme.

Customers will still benefit from Renault's generous customer offers of either 4.9 per cent April (for PCP deals) or 0 per cent April (hire purchase) along with two years' free servicing on cars.

Dates have not yet been issued by Renault, but most rival offers run until 31 December 2017.

Volkswagen Group UK launches scrappage schemes for brands