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Mueller Has Copy Of Original Letter Trump Drafted To Justify Comey Firing

02 September 2017

The original letter, recently given to Mueller by the Justice Department, clearly describes the rationale behind Comey's dismissal. In one memo given to Mueller's team in June, the president's lawyers argued the president has the constitutional authority to fire Comey, and thus, can not have obstructed justice, the WSJ said. The letter, which is now in the hands of special counsel Robert Mueller, was drafted by Trump and his top aide, Stephen Miller.

Rosenstein met with a White House lawyer at the Department of Justice two days after Comey's testimony to express concerns about his handling of the Clinton email investigation.

But Trump threw his own communications team under the bus days later, telling NBC News that he fired the top G-man because he wouldn't call off the Russian Federation investigation. Trump told aides at the time he was upset Comey wouldn't publicly say whether or not he was under investigation.

McGahn eventually persuaded the president from sending the letter to Comey, who was sacked on May 9.

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The draft letter would allegedly indicate that the White House's assertion that Trump dismissed Comey based on the recommendations of the DOJ were false.

"To the extent the special prosecutor is interested in these matters, we will be fully transparent with him, " he told The Times, which did not obtain a copy of the letter and was only told of its existence.

On Aug. 31, officials familiar with the federal probe disclosed that Trump's legal team had prepared memos offering reasons to Mueller why the Comey firing did not constitute obstruction, CNN reports.

His conduct during the hearing added to concerns held by Sessions and Rosenstein that the FBI director had botched the Clinton investigation and had overstepped the boundaries of his job. The White House lawyer relayed the details of the conversation to his bosses at the White House.

Mueller Has Copy Of Original Letter Trump Drafted To Justify Comey Firing