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Sandra Bullock donates $1 million for hurricane relief

01 September 2017

The area of Texas that's now underwater is comparable to the size of Lake Michigan. Avoid groups that have names that resemble better-known organizations or have high-pressure techniques, like asking you to donate immediately.

Are you aware that Bullock has been giving big donations to charity?

ConocoPhillips has also "taken multiple actions to address employee needs and support their individual outreach efforts", including matching personal donations from employees and retirees.

The organization says it is working around the clock to provide safe shelter and comfort for the hundreds of thousands of people impacted by this disaster.

Any time a natural disaster hits our country, such as tornadoes or hurricanes, we are obviously very concerned about the loss of human life. "The best way students can help right now is to encourage others to donate to the cause - no amount is too small". But there's always a need for blood in more than 40 hospitals and clinics in the Cascades region, so donations are always welcome.

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The Mexican team heading to Texas has been in touch with the U.S. branch of the Red Cross to coordinate emergency efforts. According to Forbes, after Hurricane Katrina, the American Red Cross asked the FBI to investigate at least 15 fake websites looking for donations.

The Greater Chesapeake Region Red Cross has sent volunteers every day since Wednesday, and they expect to continue for quite some time.

A complete list of items needed by the Texas Diaper Bank can be found on their Amazon wish list.

Other than responding to natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey, Red Cross offers emergency hotel stays, food and clothing for those who are displaced as a result of natural or manmade disasters, including house fires, floods, hazardous material spills and auto accidents. Starting August 28, monetary donations will be accepted at all Middle and East Tennessee, Northern Alabama, and Southern Kentucky Kroger locations. The Kings will include donation options for generous fans to support American Red Cross initiatives. Decide what you'd like your funds to help accomplish. Visit their website to donate or text UWFLOOD to 41444. At least five deaths have already been attributed to what the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has termed a "landmark" disaster.

Both spokespeople added that further relief efforts are also appreciated if possible.

Sandra Bullock donates $1 million for hurricane relief