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Russian Federation scandal turns in a direction Trump will not like

31 August 2017

Reports indicate that during Donald Trump's campaign for the presidency between early 2016 and late 2015, the real estate billionaire's firm was pursuing a deal which would have seen a Trump Tower developed in Moscow, Russia.

'Over the past few months I have been working with a company based in Russian Federation regarding the development of a Trump Tower - Moscow project in Moscow City, ' Trump Organization lawyer Michael Cohen wrote Putin spokesman Dmitri Peskov.

The discussions about a real estate deal in Moscow occurred in the fall of 2015, months after Trump had declared his presidential bid.

"Our boy can become president of the U.S. and we can engineer it", Sater wrote, according to the Times".

The business associate bragged about his ties to Vladimir Putin and suggested he would get Putin's team to "buy in" to the deal.

"Nothing came of this".

In his statement, Cohen downplayed the comments Sater made in email correspondence about the Trump Tower Moscow deal.

Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny. A drone flyover of the expansive property by Mr Navalny's Anti Corruption

Though neither the White House nor Michael Cohen commented on the reports, Cohen's lawyer said his client would continue to offer his cooperation with the various institutions dealing with the Russian Federation investigations.

The Kremlin confirmed Wednesday that contacts between Trump's presidential campaign and Moscow were more intensive than the billionaire businessmen-turned USA president wanted to admit.

Peskov said that the email described a "Russian company together with certain people had the goal of creating a new skyscraper in Moscow city, but the deal is not moving forward, and they were asking for some recommendations and help advancing this deal". "This really happened", said Peskov.

Swalwell told Yahoo News that the House Intelligence Committee needed to seek testimony from Felix Sater, a Russian-born developer and Donald Trump associate, as well as Trump. The company later abandoned the project for unspecified reasons.

The emails involved Trump's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen.

Trump has consistently denied any connections between himself, his campaign, and Russian business or collusion attempts. They ended early in 2016 when Cohen determined that the project was not feasible, according to Cohen's statement.

There is no evidence in the emails that Sater, a Russian immigrant who was then acting as a broker for the Trump Organization, delivered on his promises, according to The Times. In fact, in one of the emails, it allegedly states that Mr. Sater may have overstated his level of influence within Putin's inner circle.

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Russian Federation scandal turns in a direction Trump will not like