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What are the symptoms of eye damage from viewing a solar eclipse?

24 August 2017

NPR turned to optometry expert Ralph Chou, who noted that it "takes at least 12 hours before we can tell if anything has happened", though it could take days.

First, answer this question: "How long did you look up at the eclipse without eye protection?". Moreover, if you watched the eclipse through a smartphone camera, there is no danger since the eye wasn't exposed to direct radiation.

Symptoms commonly include blurry vision, difficulty distinguishing between colors, distorted vision, and headaches, according to the AAO. Some viewers of Monday's eclipse said they are anxious about vision loss too and asked how you would know if the eclipse damaged your eyes. Or because, damn it, these things are rare, and it was worth the lifetime risk to catch a few seconds of something you don't see everyday. This can be risky, as looking directly at the sun can cause eye damage.

Scientists appeared on news outlets and shared content online warning about the dangers of staring directly into the sun for the August21 solar eclipse, but did people listen?

More people searched for "my eyes hurt" and "I looked at the eclipse and my eyes hurt", on Google after the eclipse ended than ever before, according to Google Trends. The damage can be temporary or permanent and occurs with no pain. In addition, if you are experiencing light sensitivity, that could also be a sign that your eyes have been affected.

Hospitals are now reporting an uptick in people coming into emergency rooms complaining of headaches and other eye issues.

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"It can happen really from any where from I would say just a few minutes to an hour of looking at the sun".

He looked at it for just 20 seconds, he estimates. No pain receptors are located in your retina, so if your eyes hurt, it may not be due to damage.

Visit a local eye care professional for a comprehensive exam if you or a family member experience discomfort or vision problems following the eclipse.

Once that occurs, there's not much docs can do about it - now there's no treatment for eclipse blindness other than to wait and see if you start to regain vision, which can take months.

Looking directly at the sun, even for a short period, can cause damage to the retina that is called solar retinopathy. One way to check your vision: the Amsler Grid, which detects blurred vision or sun damage.

What are the symptoms of eye damage from viewing a solar eclipse?