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Nintendo Switch's Exclusive Rocket League Cars Look Great

24 August 2017

Psyonix will be making investing in the Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League that much more enticing and compelling for players on the fence, by offering special Mario and Luigi themed cars, named the Mario NSR and Luigi NSR. Delivering on that promise, the developer showed off the upcoming cars for the first time today with a new trailer, seen above. The Mario vehicle will only be playable on the orange team and the Luigi auto will only be playable on the blue team.

Based on your team's side you will be assigned either Mario NSR (for the orange team) or Luigi NSR (for the blue team).

The Samus' Gunship battle-car comes in two different variations for the Orange and Blue teams, and they are based on designs of Samus' Varia Suits.

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Developer Psyonix has unveiled a Mario NSR vehicle for the Orange Team and Luigi NSR auto for the Blue Team. Players will be hoping that RNG is on their side, however, as item unlocks in Rocket League are entirely random.

Check out a detailed look at the exclusive vehicles below. This is absolutely the sort of sci-fi auto that we can imagine Samus Aran owning and it even comes complete with a Wave Beam boost trail.

Seriously, pick up Rocket League. These two cars have a specialised boost called "Super Star" which is appropriate.

Nintendo Switch's Exclusive Rocket League Cars Look Great