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Sigourney Weaver threatens Marvel heroes in final 'Defenders' trailer

18 August 2017

Ahead of the show's debut tomorrow, Netflix has released the final trailer for Marvel's The Defenders. Luke Cage will be in prison at the beginning, but as the show goes on, it will address the relationship between Luke and Jessica Jones. Even Iron Fist - the one genuine dud among the previous shows - benefits from his interplay with the others, particularly the hard-as-rock Cage, who discovers what happens (in slow motion, naturally) when Iron Fist meets immovable object. We talked about movies and cinematic stories where characters came together who did not want to come together, who had their own in-fighting but ultimately came together to fight something bad in some way.

Yet with so many personalities, it's kind of fun watching them learn about each other's powers, somewhat lightening the brooding tone that has characterized the Marvel-Netflix collaboration.

By the end of episode four - the exact midpoint of the series - The Defenders will likely have long-term viewers hooked, with plot threads dating back to Daredevil season one finally drawn tight, the team assembled, and a massive throwdown about to occur. The new series will see the quartet of singular heroes with one common goal - to save New York City. That might come as a surprise to some, seeing as how he was (spoiler!) killed off in Jones' first season finale.

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"The Defenders, ' 'Runaways, ' 'The Gifted" and more of Marvel's upcoming series. It remains to be seen if "The Defenders" can elevate the character to a better standing. And then Iron Fist came down the pipe, and we all knew that our insane pipe dream wasn't so far off. However, "Iron Fist" did not do very well as far as the critics were concerned. This comes after every super hero made their solo appearance on screen through Netflix. "They've experienced it, and as hard as it is to explain, we know it exists because we've been there", states Cox.

"The Defenders" is distinguished from many superhero series and movies in the time it takes to explore the internal conflicts that haunt each of its heroes. She's also a master manipulator, trying to bring the Defenders over to her side (she's already working with Elektra).

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Sigourney Weaver threatens Marvel heroes in final 'Defenders' trailer