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All your questions answered on Google Maps and Search

18 August 2017

Google is testing "Search Lite, ' a lighter version of its original "Search" app that is designed for areas with slow internet connections".

The Search Lite app is aimed at getting everything easier to get to.

It led to a whole new world of Lite apps! The app may be called Search Lite or Search (Test App), and it appears to be targeted at the Indonesian and/or Indian markets.

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According to commentators the main difference between the original app and the lighter version is that the latter uses very little data. There are certain shortcuts to features as well like news, translation, weather, cricket scores, recipes, movies, songs, among others.

It's not yet clear what Google's plans for the app are, it's now in the early stages of development and only available in a handful of languages, but it's likely to also target the Indian market.

The app is now in the early stages of development. Besides, it may not reach those in countries where internet is fast enough to access content without having to use a lite mode. We are yet to see an official announcement of the app by Google. With over a billion population, the search engine giant is interested in bringing those people on board and make them use their services, a potentially untapped market. To add something of a social element, and to ensure that correct information floats to the top, users are able to upvote answers that are deemed particularly useful. It also supports offline features is believed to take up less space on a phone when installed, as well as requiring less RAM to work.

All your questions answered on Google Maps and Search