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Tesla: Self-Driving Semi-Trucks On The Way

12 August 2017

The information also apparently describes Tesla's desire to create long-haul electric semis that can drive themselves in "platoons", potentially following behind a lead truck piloted by a human driver.

An email exchange in May and June between Tesla and Nevada DMV representatives included an agenda for a June 16 meeting, along with the Nevada Department of Transportation, to discuss testing of two prototype trucks in Nevada, according to the exchange seen by Reuters.

Through an exclusive Reuters report, we received confirmation that Tesla is indeed working on a self-driving semi-truck that will debut in late September.

The US states of Nevada and California have been linked with Elon Musk's Tesla regarding on-roads Semi Truck testing, news outlets in the US report.

From that it was obvious to us that the technology would be applied to the upcoming Tesla semi truck.

Self-driving cars, though, have been tested on California roads.

Tesla and Uber are not the only companies to look at self driving cars.

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Reuters reports that Tesla is now developing self-driving technology for semi-trucks and that once the tech is ready Tesla wants to test it in Nevada.

While Musk has previously stated aims to build an electric truck, Tesla has yet to announce any autonomous driving aims for the vehicles, which are seen as the next evolution of greener and safer road freight.

With Tesla, there's always something new coming up to keep owners, buyers, and fans excited.

Tesla plans to push for automated trucks. Tesla offers semi-autonomous features on all of its current models in the form of Autopilot, which costs an additional $5,000 at the time of purchase.

Tesla declined to comment on the matter, while Nevada officials confirmed that the company had not yet been given a license for the testing.

Long-haul trucks do not face cross traffic when they travel on limited-access highways, and they largely operate at steady speeds.

Soon you might see self-driving semis on the road to Las Vegas. Venkat Viswanathan, a lithium ion battery researcher from Carnegie Mellon, told Reuters that long-haul electric trucks aren't commercially feasible yet.

Tesla: Self-Driving Semi-Trucks On The Way