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Chilling video shows how horrifyingly risky a police officer's job can be

12 August 2017

Officer Quincy Smith was called to investigate a suspicious man trying to snatch groceries from a convenience store in the small town of about 2,000 people.

Video recorded from a SC police officer's glasses camera and released to the public on Thursday shows the moment the officer was shot four times.

But Smith said he forgives Orr - and even prays for him and his family.

A SC man has been sentenced to 35 years for opening fire at a police officer, striking him four times, in a shooting captured by a camera in the officer's glasses.

"Come here for a second". But Orr kept walking. He continued walking and ignoring direct commands from Smith. "If you don't stop, I'm going to tase you", says Smith.

That's when Orr produced a gun from his pocket and shot Officer Smith at point-blank range.

At least two of the eight rounds were fired while Smith was lying on the ground and another two were fired as Smith ran for cover.

Smith was struck with four shots, according to CBS News.

"Dispatch, please send help", repeats Smith.

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Orr had been found guilty of attempted murder and possession a weapon while committing a violent crime.

Smith is in bad shape as he reaches his patrol auto. His veins on the right side of his neck were severely damaged in the incident, reports said.

He also claims his arms are broken. His hands are slick with blood as he adjusts his radio frequency.

"I didn't draw my firearm because at the time I didn't think it was warranted", he told WJCL. The footage becomes shaky, indicating Smith is running back to his squad vehicle.

He takes a moment and then makes a quieter plea: "Please help me, dispatch". It's "Waffles/Eggs" by the artist Trey Songz.

Bystander: Okay so I think you might be ok. Paramedics arrived on scene shortly afterwards and were able to save the officer's life despite the serious nature of his wounds. He identifies himself at J. Thompkins. "I am going to stay here with you".

With the men just feet apart, Smith points his stun gun at Orr. Smith made it back to his patrol auto and radioed dispatch for help. Tompkins kindly suggests that the woman keeps calm in the interest of Smith's welfare.

Seven minutes after Orr fired his first shots, emergency sirens blare in the distance. "Quincy, oh my God", exclaims the woman, rushing towards the officer.

Chilling video shows how horrifyingly risky a police officer's job can be