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North Korea Threatens Retaliation Against US Over UN Sanctions

08 August 2017

The Foreign Minister of Japan Taro Kono and the United States Secretary of State Rex Tillerson say they will urge countries to strictly implement new UN sanctions against North Korea.

In an effort to halt North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un's drive to become a nuclear power, the UN Security Council on Saturday unanimously approved a US-drafted sanctions package against his nation that could cost it $1 billion a year.

Tillerson "said that China and Russian Federation will not miscalculate if there is firm cooperation between South Korea and the United States, and between South Korea, the U.S. and Japan", the official said, adding that "Tillerson and Kang devoted a great deal of time to discussing how to motivate China and Russia" in regard to the sanctions against North Korea.

The U.S. has long maintained that China has not done enough to rein in North Korea with the countries negotiating for a month on the new resolution.

Manila: The United States, Australia and Japan on Monday urged the global community to pressure North Korea to abandon its "threatening and provocative path" and apply additional diplomatic and economic measures on Pyongyang over its missile tests.

However, the top USA diplomat said it was not a matter of stopping the launches by "a specific number of days or weeks".

Beijing objects to the US advanced anti-missile battery in the region that can potentially monitor China's military activities using high-resolution radar.

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China has called for the USA and South Korea to suspend military drills on the Korean Peninsula in return for North Korea agreeing to a weapons freeze and returning to dialogue, but the U.S. has rejected this.

Tillerson, who did not specify how much time North Korea has to put an end to its missile tests, said that the United States has other channels of communication to establish contact with the Kim Jong-un regime. Tillerson responded by expressing his "agreement and understanding" insofar as establishing a consultation channel for the North and South Korean military leaders could ease tensions on the Korean Peninsula and ultimately contribute to the process of North Korea's denuclearization, the South Korean Foreign Ministry reported.

"We're not going to give someone a specific number of days or weeks", he said during a briefing at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Manila.

They called on ASEAN "to maximize pressure on North Korea".

Noting that the two countries "can have some influence on how" North Korea is thinking, Tillerson added that the world expects of China and Russian Federation that "you will do everything you possibly can to help North Korea understand the reality of their future as well and bring them to the negotiating table".

Ms Kang urged her northern counterpart to accept Seoul's offers of military talks to lower tensions on the divided peninsula, and for discussions on a new round of reunions for divided families, according to South Korea's Yonhap news agency.

North Korea Threatens Retaliation Against US Over UN Sanctions