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Trump Approval Hits New Low

05 August 2017

Twenty-seven percent said they thought transgender individuals should not serve.

The poll also found respondents supportive of LGBT people in other ways.

The July 27 New York City poll found more voters blame Cuomo for poor subways; Cuomo-de Blasio feud hurts city, voters say.

The latest YouGov poll (B+): 37% approve, 54% disapprove (31 July - 1 August).

A Quinnipiac University national poll released Thursday found that 68% of American voters think that transgender people should be allowed to serve.

Military households approved of transgender people serving in the military 55 percent to 39 percent, according to the poll.

New York City polls over the last three years show voters don't want mayoral control of schools.

Respondents also opposed one of Trump's signature goals, repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act, a.k.a. Obamacare.

Fifty-four percent of voters report that they are embarrassed to have Trump in office, while 57 percent believe he is abusing his presidential powers.

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The potential rejection of the SkyBridge-HNA deal was a concern for newly-appointed White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, Todd Eberly, associate professor of political science and public policy at St.

"Voters say a soldier is a soldier, no matter what his/her gender identity is".

The May 25 national poll found GOP health plan backers could feel pain at the polls; only 20 percent of USA voters support plan.

It was much of the same in Gallup's daily job approval tracker, which indicated on August 2 that 60 percent of Americans disapproved of Trump's performance while just 36 percent approved.

To put the poll into context, Trump's Rasmussen disproval figure is his highest since the start of his presidency.

The key vote in the U.S. Senate that rejected the health care repeal bill came between midnight and dawn last Friday.

Trump has often touted the Rasmussen poll's approval rating.

But the Quinnipiac poll wasn't the only ones showing the startling figures. Surveys conducted by Rasmussen do not meet ABC News' standards for polls due to their use of recorded, auto-dialed calls and lack of in-household participant selection. The polls are conducted at the Polling Institute on West Woods Road, close to the Mount Carmel and York Hill Campuses.

For a typical public opinion survey, a randomly selected sample of about 1,000 registered voters age 18 and over is interviewed over five or six days.

Trump Approval Hits New Low