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Large fire reported at Dubai's Torch Tower

05 August 2017

A video posted to Instagram from a building across the street from the Torch shows fire trucks arriving and debris covering the street.

Authorities said the building was "successfully evacuated" and the inferno, which broke out in the early hours of Friday, was brought under control.

Hundreds of people were evacuated in 2015 from the same building when a massive fire swept through the tower; no major casualties reported in that blaze.

Firefighters from four Civil Defence stations are at the Torch Tower in Dubai's popular Marina neighbourhood. Panels can consist of plastic or polyurethane fillings sandwiched between aluminium sheets, similar to that used on Grenfell Tower. At least 80 people died in the fire at the west London high-rise after residents became trapped in the burning building.

A resident who lives in the building told ABC News that it appears that the fire broke out around the 65th floor and spread down.

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The Torch was damaged by an earlier fire in 2015, BBC News adds. The government is also working toward providing shelter for the affected residents, reports said.

Under Dubai's new fire and safety code, builders are required "to ensure that the flammability of the cladding is as close to zero as possible". This is incidentally the second blaze to hit the skyscraper in as many years.

Authorities later said the fire had been put out, and "cooling operations" were underway.

However, the skyscraper remained closed to residents, some of whom were moved to a nearby and even taller residential tower while others made a decision to stay with friends.

Smoke and fire rise from a high rise building at Marina district in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Friday, Aug. 4, 2017.

Large fire reported at Dubai's Torch Tower