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Bad Android Apps Officially Getting Downgraded in Google Play Store

05 August 2017

"As part of our continued effort to deliver the best possible Google Play experience, we recently enhanced our search and discovery algorithms to reflect app quality". Google has taken this step after realising that half of the one-star-scored apps on the Play Store's reviews say that they have stability problems.

The Play Store is home to a huge collection of apps, with thousands of them being added daily, although not all of them abide by Google's rigorous standards.

Two months ago, Google also announced the new "Android Excellence" program, which expands on what was known as the Play Store's "Editor's Choice".

We do not know yet though, whether the bad Android app developers will know they have been downgraded because the app was labeled "bad" or not. This enhancement means that higher quality apps-those that aren't buggy, excessive battery drainers or frequent crashers-are more likely to be promoted by Google Play.

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The performance and quality of both mobile apps and webpages are becoming the dominate factor in search result rankings. Higher quality apps will be ranked accordingly by Google's updated algorithm, even if the number of installs has pushed an unstable app to a position it doesn't deserve.

Google is also encouraging these developers to use the new Android vitals tool to detect the performance issues in their apps, and those who will comply with the standards will gradually see improvements in their apps' ratings and "ultimately their retention and monetisation". And according to it, the results have been positive: higher quality apps (as per Google's definition) have seen an increase in usage and decrease in uninstalls.

Google has just released an update to its Play Store ranking algorithm.

To help them through this, they can use the Play Console to guide them toward fixes to their quality issues.

Bad Android Apps Officially Getting Downgraded in Google Play Store