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Apple Defends Pulling Many VPN Services from App Store in China

03 August 2017

The move is in line with recent directives from Beijing's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), which issued orders at the beginning of the year requiring VPNs to seek licenses from the government before operating.

The Amnesty International human rights organization published a comment about acceptance of the law forbidding use of Proxy Avoidance and VPN in Russian Federation.

Tech giant Apple will try to have the Chinese government's Internet restrictions lessened - but will comply with the country's laws, CEO Tim Cook said. We were required by the government to remove some of the VPN apps from the app store that don't meet these new regulations.

The New York Times reported recently that Apple had taken steps to remove VPN and anti-censorship apps from its Chinese app store.

"Sinnet is responsible for ensuring that its customers in China comply with local laws and their notice was meant to remind customers of their obligations", an Amazon spokeswoman said via email. "We believe in engaging with governments even when we disagree", Cook said in a telephone earnings call on Tuesday. China's government chose to tighten the Internet restrictions in the country and ban VPNs, which also led to the removal of some VPN mobile apps of major developers, in order to meet the new regulations.

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Political commentators say the ruling Chinese Communist Party leadership is keen to ensure total control over what China's 731 million internet users can see online, ahead of a crucial political meeting later in the year. The People's Republic of China has issued a blanket ban of common websites like Facebook, Google, and many western media outlets, all of which are accessible within Russian Federation.

But Cook defended the move, saying it was no different to Apple's compliance with local regulations in all its markets. "We have asked clients to check all illegal cross-border businesses". "We the operators also check routinely if any of our users use these softwares or store illegal content".

They were also hopeful that the restrictions will ease eventually as innovation really needs freedom to work together and communicate.

The Chinese government is in indirect agreement with Russia's, after directing telecommunications companies earlier in July to obstruct users from accessing VPNs.

Customers of Amazon, along with those of Apple Inc., are facing pressure in China to comply with the Chinese government's desire to further tighten the screws on its already heavily policed internet. The customers even accused the United States tech giant, and they even got pressure from Beijing Cyber Regulators. Software made by companies outside of China received messages from Apple over the weekend that their internet filters had been removed from China's mainland Apple App store.

Apple Defends Pulling Many VPN Services from App Store in China