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Saudi led bloc blacklist Qatar, Yemeni organisations, individuals

26 July 2017

Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Egypt and Bahrain in June cut off diplomatic relations, severed air, land and sea links with Qatar, accusing the latter of supporting terrorism, and ordered Qatari citizens to leave their countries within two weeks.

The Turkish president said he did not discuss the Turkish base in Qatar with Saudi Arabia or Kuwait in his meetings. The Arab countries promised that the list of people and organizations supporting terrorism will be updated.

The four countries isolating Qatar have said that its efforts to stop the funding of extremist groups are insufficient, and have added more organisations and individuals to a list of alleged terrorists it says are linked to Doha. Before heading for Kuwait on Sunday, he told reporters that the Gulf crisis benefits no one both in political and economic terms.

"Qatar and the U.S. are allies and partners in the global anti-terrorist coalition", and are actively developing bilateral ties, he said.

"Turkey regards the Qatar crisis as a crisis among fraternal countries", the president added.

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Rome Mayor Virginia Raggi said in an interview with Il Messaggero on Monday that she would intervene to stop the rationing. The Vatican says it is shutting off all its fountains, including those in St Peter's Square, because of Italy's drought.

The head of Qatar's National Human Rights Committee, Ali Bin Samikh al-Amarri, thanked delegates for "defending" Al- Jazeera, saying it was tantamount to "defending freedom of expression and the right to information".

Ankara's one-sided stance, though welcomed by Qatar, has damaged its credibility as an impartial mediator and raised doubts from the Saudi-led camp.

Reports that a high-ranking Qatari minister shielded Khalid Sheikh Mohammad from the Central Intelligence Agency in 1996 are certainly known, but they are hardly new. "Qatar is solid in its economy and we are comfortable and we can continue like this forever", CNN quoted Ambassador Meshal bin Hamad Al-Thani, as saying.

The Yemeni individuals are not on USA or United Nations sanctions lists, but the men - Mohammed Al Dabaa, Ahmed Ali Ahmed Baraoud, Abdullah Mohammed Al Yazidi - "worked with Aqap's Hadhrami Domestic Council and its leadership to oversee projects and activities in Mukalla while the city was under Aqap control", the designation stated.

Doha denies the accusation of supporting terrorism and says the blockade is a violation of global law. "We are going to grow in a major way internationally in the oil and gas sector".

Saudi led bloc blacklist Qatar, Yemeni organisations, individuals