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Google resurrects one of its biggest flops - Google Glass

20 July 2017

Google Glass Enterprise has an array of differences from the company's first wearable, which was pulled off the market in 2015 after failing to be a hit with the consumer market.

Google Glass has returned not as a personal device but, as Forbes magazine noted, as a business tool, created to help workers in specific fields like manufacturing, logistics, and health care. Alphabet also has made improvements to the design and hardware of the wearable so that it is now lightweight and comfortable for long-term wear.

The device now has more power and improved battery life.

According to Google's page on the new product, "Glass intuitively fits into your workflow and helps you remain engaged and focused on high value work by removing distractions". For example, alongside bespoke software made by Upskill, Glass is being used by GE Aviation mechanics to display important instructional information right before their eyes while they carry out airplane maintenance or assembly.

Agricultural equipent manufacturer Agco has been using Glass for two years already, cutting factory inspection times by a third and training staff 300% faster. Over 50 businesses - including Boeing, Volkswagen, DHL, Dignity Health, and many others - are now using Glass.

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Now available exclusively through Google's network of Glass partners, the updated enterprise device doesn't come with a standard price-tag. Hit the link for more details.

Google Glass is back with Glass Enterprise Edition, a new version of Alphabet's smart headwear that's focused on the workplace.

The technology was derided upon launch for its unwieldy form-factor, and criticised due to privacy concerns over people using Google Glass for hidden filming. Glass pairs are useful because they show animations, videos, and images to the employees so they won't have to look at computers or documents.

Glass is back. Not that it really went away.

With today's announcement, Google is lifting the non-disclosure requirement on its current Glass Enterprise Edition partners and is opening up the program for more businesses to participate. Warehouse workers at one of its clients DHL can receive real-time instructions where items have to be placed on carts with the help of visual aids delivered on their wearable.

Google resurrects one of its biggest flops - Google Glass