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Google Introduces Feed, A News Stream Built Around Your Personal Interests

20 July 2017

Google Play's new editorial pages will begin rolling out in the US, Australia, Canada, the UK, South Korea and Japan starting from today itself.

Google's feed results will prioritize relevance over timeliness, which can allow a user to discover missed stories of interest from the past. You'd navigate to its search engine, search for some news or an article that interested you and then head directly to the website that offered it. Apps like Facebook built their product around the opposite concept of information coming to you. "Google feed" is quite similar to Facebook's "news feed" but Google feed will draw items based on user's interest and trending topics from their area instead of showing feeds from social connections.

Google wants to give you a smarter information feed.

Machine learning is a pretty big draw, but obviously, it's not going to be able to gauge your interests and disinterests accurately 100% of the time, especially at first.

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While Google's iOS app formerly served as a place to mainly perform searches and see a bit of personalized data, today's update transforms the app experience entirely. "With these updates to the feed, it's easier than ever to stay in the know about exactly the things you care about and see more content to inform, inspire and entertain you".

Feed is not entirely new though; it has been a part of Google Now since previous year. It will try to achieve this by taking a page from Facebook and essentially creating its own News Feed-style interface. Users can follow a specific subject or story, but they can also ell the app they are "done with this story" if they want to skip future updates or avoid seeing more articles from a particular outlet. But it raises more questions about just how much Google knows about us, and how it uses that information to deliver ads. If a topic appears in search that seems interesting, a user can follow that topic, or at least certain ones-some search topics are now accompanied by a "Follow" button.

I have used Google Now for years to keep up to date with all my favorite soccer teams. If they start regularly watching a certain YouTube channel, they can expect new videos from the account to show up not long after. Google has also made it easier for users to choose new topics for their feeds based on search results.

For those wondering - what will happen to the information listed in Google Now?

Google Introduces Feed, A News Stream Built Around Your Personal Interests