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'Morning Joe' Host Scarborough Says He's Done With Republican Party

13 July 2017

"I said I can never vote for anybody in my party that would say they would ban people because of the God they worshipped", he continued.

Joe Scarborough explained that there were too many things about Trump's association with known racists and bigots like former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke, who Trump said he knew nothing about. Scarborough asks Colbert. "How far are they willing to go? They, like a lot of conservative writers (Tuesday), woke up to the fact that this is not much ado about something, that there's something big here". He spoke alongside his co-host and fiancée, Mika Brzezinski, who drew the fury of the president in a series of attacks about her I.Q. and appearance on Twitter.

When asked by Colbert to address the state of the Republican Party, Scarborough said it's "inexplicable", and that the G.O.P.

I think the opposition to Scarborough for his criticisms of President Trump sometimes reflect an ultra-sensitivity on the part of Trump supporters - and of the president himself.

"But aren't you a Republican?" "This is well before Donald Trump was elected president that my party betrayed their core values". Mr Scarborough said to Mr Colbert. "Crazy Mika." The president further went on to say that Brzezinski "was badly bleeding from a facelift" when he saw her in Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, with Scarborough previous year, the Washington post reported.

You can't play with the big boys and then pull the victim card

The MSNBC co-hosts responded to the president's claims in a Washington Post op-ed.

The "Morning Joe" duo fought back, saying that White House staff told them that Trump would have a tabloid story run about them unless they "begged" for it to be killed.

"Congratulations, 'Dumber than rocks, Mika", Scarborough said, deadpanned. Scarborough said. "Nothing. There's always silence".

On Wednesday's Morning Joe, Scarborough accused Republicans of abandoning their fiscal principles. A significant number of Republican Congressional leaders feel he should stop these inflammatory tweets.

During the 2016 election cycle, a Vanity Fair profile called Scarborough the most influential Republican in America for being both among the first to predict Trump's political rise and rebuke him.

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'Morning Joe' Host Scarborough Says He's Done With Republican Party