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Dana White: Conor McGregor may never fight again after Mayweather

13 July 2017

Mayweather called himself an "old man" and said he wasn't "The same fighter" he was 10 years ago, five years ago or two years ago. From afar, you couldn't notice it, but close-up photos of the suit show the pinstripes had the phrase "f*** you" written in a straight line over and over. As is obvious, McGregor is not subtle. The press conference will occur on the biggest cross-mixed fight in history at the Budweiser stage in the heart of Toronto.

Mayweather replied: "You're right".

McGregor's mic started messing up and this is no laughing matter considering the importance of this fight.

McGregor then had a clear warning for his opponent. Video of pro boxer Chris van Heerden battering McGregor in a sparring session have circulated online for months.

However, the lightweight champion has cast doubts on a return this year at least, attributing it to a misunderstanding of the Forbes highest-paid athletes list. McGregor insulted Mayweather by saying, "He's in a f***ing tracksuit, he can't even afford a suit anymore". I'm going To knock him out inside four rounds.

Arguably the greatest defensive boxer ever Floyd Mayweather should beat a newcomer to the professional game in Conor McGregor.

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"I've watched a lot of Conor McGregor's press conferences, not just for the comical factor I guess, but more mentally he is so strong".

Unfortunately for Mayweather, it seems McGregor was aware of this.

The profane insults and the posturing that normally can be enjoyed only in your better prison exercise yards are bound to be more entertaining than the August 26 fight itself. It's a cracker. An August-McGregor line, I've got my own line of suits coming out.

'Senior, senior, senior. tell him as long as he speaks my name with respect, I will abide by the boxing rules. "This is a very exciting time, and how they were reacting to this, it's going to be a tremendous event for the city (Las Vegas), and the MGM and for the T-Mobile Arena".

Fans and the media are awaiting to see what McGregor will wear for the remaining three press conferences scheduled to promote this once-in-a-lifetime match.

Dana White: Conor McGregor may never fight again after Mayweather