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What is best for baby Charlie Gard?

12 July 2017

A British court on Monday held a preliminary hearing to consider possible new evidence in the case of a sick 11-month-old baby whose parents planned to take to U.S. for experimental treatment.

A BBC news crew filming reporter Keith Doyle, who was covering the Charlie Gard case at the High Court, captured the moment a man ran across their shot and into the path of a bus.

Siegel said the baby was in discomfort, and while the treatment won't bring about a cure, it could potentially extend his life.

The evidence came from researchers at the Vatican's children's hospital and another facility outside of Britain, AP reported.

The application came after both Pope Francis and President Donald Trump fueled global attention to the case, with hospitals in Rome and the US offering to provide Charlie the experimental therapy.

Gard suffers from a rare disease called mitochondrial DNA depletion syndrome which causes progressive muscle weakness and brain damage.

The parents have gone all the way to the European court of human rights in their quest to continue treatment, but it was a letter from seven doctors urging the hospital to reconsider its decision that lead to a new hearing in the case.

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Parents of Charlie Gard, Connie Yates and Chris Gard pose for the media ahead of delivering a petition with more than 350,000 signatures to Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, Sunday, July 9, 2017.

"Today is a victory for poor Charlie and Chris and Connie over Great Ormond Street Hospital", Foster said after the judge ruled.

Charlie's mother told Sky that she wants the judges to "listen", to experts who say the treatment might help.

Gard's lawyers echoed Yates' claim when they appealed before Francis for a new trial and argued that a different judge should preside over Thursday's trial.

"He is our son".

"It is our son, our flesh and our blood". Charlie's heart, liver and kidneys are also affected, and his doctors say it is not clear if he feels pain.

"I have to decide this case not on the basis of tweets, not on the basis of what might be said in the press, or to the press", Judge Francis said, acknowledging public interest surrounding the case. No matter how diverse and pluralistic we are as a culture, there is one thing that unites us all: "the family", she added, noting that families worldwide are supporting Gard's parents. -- This story has been corrected to show that the surname of the CEO of Americans United for Life is Foster, not Glenn.

What is best for baby Charlie Gard?