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This company is making a smartphone with holographic display

08 July 2017

The device will sport what sounds like a glasses-free 3D display, which as we all know from the Nintendo 3DS is not gimmicky in the slightest. It's a weird design that's very industrial-looking just like RED's cinema cameras. Moreover, the company has named this smartphone, Hydrogen. 2D, 3D, VR, AR, and MR content can all be viewed, including RED's own Hydrogen 4-View content (H4V). The RED Hydrogen is a holographic media device that fits in your pocket. It has announced a holographic phone called Hydrogen One.

Jim Jannard, the billionaire founder of RED as well as glasses and clothing manufacturer Oakley, said the "incredible" holographic display is driven by technology that consumers haven't seen before. "It is not lenticular, which is an inferior tech in every way, has been tried many times before and failed for good reason". No word on the display's actual resolution.

High-quality audio is another feature to drool over, with a special algorithm that can reportedly convert stereo sound into 5.1 surround sound. The flawless match for holographic H4V or just listening to your favorite tunes.

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It also said it may face production limitations in the future and that the Hydrogen One would be available for a "limited time". On it, there will be a USB-C charging port, a MicroSD card slot. This is also definitely for camera pros.

Along with the holographic display, the Hydrogen One has a modular system that will allow the installation of new components. This is similar to what the Moto Z devices from Motorola do.

The Red Hydrogen One will work with Red's professional camera program (it's unclear if one would actually be able to plug their Red DSLR cameras), and offer familiar user interface and monitor. The company says that this feature is compatible with its Scarlet, EPIC and Weapon cameras. There is little idea what kind of processor the phone uses, the amount of storage space it has or its type of RAM. The device will run Android OS, but again, RED didn't say which version of the software will be on its smartphone. RED says that the design of this handset may change before the actual release and that it cannot guarantee these prices at the time of release however.

This company is making a smartphone with holographic display