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Today Marks The 10th Anniversary Of The iPhone That Changed Everything

30 June 2017

"I think that everybody was very, very relieved that when the iPhone ultimately launched at the end of June in 2007, that it actually worked", said tech journalist Fred Vogelstein, who wrote a book on the smartphone race between Apple and Google. Moreover, it was not only easy to use but smarter than all of the mobile devices at that time.

"Today, we're introducing three revolutionary products of this class".

There's a famous YouTube clip in which Microsoft's Steve Ballmer scoffs at the iPhone in 2007, saying that it's "the most expensive phone in the world".

Apple's (AAPL) revolutionary device highlighted the capabilities of mobile networks and helped inspire the vast array of apps and services that are now common on even the cheapest rival phones. At its launch, Jobs explained it as: "An iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator". He set out to change that with one "truly magical product" that combined a phone, a computer and an iPod. Separate GPS devices in cars were replaced by smartphones.

Besides its then 3.5-inch touch screen, the first iPhone featured a browser for on-the-go web surfing and built-in apps to check email and get directions. The case also give an idea at the device's dimensions and it will likely be closer to the iPhone 7 in size.

The software which would act as a medium of interaction between an individual and the iPhone was something new to users as well. The iPhone 1 also boasted eight hours of talk time and six hours of internet use, numbers that have been at least doubled on the latest versions.

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The announcement was met with a huge ovation from attendees, though one figurehead of a major Apple rival was left unconvinced... By grouping suppliers together in close proximity so that they could rapidly collaborate to address changes in hardware or design, and demanding new untold levels of efficiency from the workforce, he set the stage for the modern model of device manufacturing-and the human rights woes that accompany it.

Today, there are abundant smartphone manufacturers releasing their flagships every year, each one better than the last, but it was the iPhone that started the trend.

Perhaps Apple's biggest disruptive impact has been felt in the way we buy and consume music. What are your thoughts on the iPhone?

It's a little remarkable that we don't spend more time talking about multi-touch, the technology that allows us to fluently speak to computers with our fingers. As it did so, the iPhone forever changed mobile broadband, which had been a kind of walled garden under the control of the wireless carriers.

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Today Marks The 10th Anniversary Of The iPhone That Changed Everything