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Number of people using Facebook reaches 2 billion

28 June 2017

That would also have the effect of encouraging people to spend more time on Facebook, which could boost the company's profits. That's really impressive, considering the scale of what we're talking about here.

"A post that calls all people of a certain race "violent animals" or describes people of a certain sexual orientation as "disgusting" can feel very personal and, depending on someone's experiences, could even feel risky", Facebook said.

"The rewards, incentives and other nudges it uses to maximize engagement and promote sharing account for a lot of the distortions that make Facebook so problematic, whether it's the spread of false and ultra-partisan news, the fragmenting of attention spans or the insidious creeping rollback of personal privacy", he wrote. The company added 80 million monthly users in the first few months of the year, as ad revenue popped 51 percent from a year ago.

Shares of Facebook were last trading down 1.5% at $151.26, with a consensus analyst price target of $169.30 and a 52-week range of $110.55 to $156.50.

Of the 3 billion people who are the internet, about 700 million are in China. Originally conceived as a way for friends and family to communicate privately, groups have evolved to encompass hobbies, medical conditions, military service, pets, parenthood and just about anything else you could think of. "Now let's bring the world closer together".

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Facebook (NASDAQ:FB) last announced its quarterly earnings data on Wednesday, May 3rd.

"It's so striking that for decades, membership in all kinds of groups has declined as much as one-quarter", he said during a rally for Facebook users who've built large community-support groups on the site. "We will always work to give people a voice and help us stay connected, but now we will do even more". But with nearly 2 billion Facebook users, that last bit - inclusivity - can be tough.

The forces behind Facebook make no bones about use of its platform for a particular agenda.

"In the previous year, the complexity of the issues we've seen has outstripped our existing processes for governing the community", Zuckerberg wrote, pointing to incidents like the removal of a famous Vietnam War photograph and the live police shooting video of Philando Castile (both of which were later returned to the site).

Facebook's initiative follows similar moves by Netflix, Amazon and the online television platform Hulu - a joint venture by Disney, Comcast, 21st Century and Time Warner - who have thrown themselves into content production, as have YouTube and Apple, although on a more modest scale.

Number of people using Facebook reaches 2 billion