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Collin County Sheriff's Office issues warning about new Snapchat feature

27 June 2017

The new feature allows people to see where their friends are snapping from, but Snapchat says users can turn it off so that no one knows where they are.

But if users want to enjoy the Snap Map without sharing their own location, there is "Ghost Mode". If you are not interested in making your location known, use the "Ghost Mode" button.

Last week, Snapchat launched Snap Map, a function that shares your exact location with your friends on a map.

So, in order for users to access the new Snap Map, they simply need to update the app. The third, "My Friends", gives users the option of letting all their friends see their location.

"If you're going to share your location with anybody it should be who you are actually friends with".

Great news, Snapchat have made it VERY clear when you first use the feature that you have the choice to take part. Other Snaps, from non-friends, show up as ones being submitted to the Snapchat Our Story feature, which features curated videos and photos from the Snapchat community.

Monday, Eyewitness News reporter Akeam Ashford spoke to parents about their concerns with the new app feature and what they're doing to keep their children safe.

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Until recently, Snapchat allowed users to share locations using geo-filters.

"If I had a friend that was at a concert and I wasn't there, I could see where she was at and see where other people were at, and pretty much be at that concert via Snapchat", she said.

Parents can go into the "settings" section of the Snap Map menu and select "Ghost Mode" to prevent a child's location from being shared.

Snapchat User and Parent, Jess Mohr says, "Honestly I didn't know about it until today when my 10-year-old daughter told me about it".

If you already have gone through the setup process and want to change your settings, this can be done by opening Snap Map and tapping the settings menu in the upper right-hand corner.

"Think about where you're sharing your location".

Collin County Sheriff's Office issues warning about new Snapchat feature