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Good turn-out for World Blood Donor Day

26 June 2017

Well, most likely, the reason that prevented you from going is not true. If you are a blood donor you are actually a hero to the person whose life you saved.

On this year's WBDD, under the theme, "Give Blood, Give now, Give often", the World Health Organization draws experience from the quake disaster that occurred in Nepal. "Give blood, Give now, Give often".

National Blood Donor week has seen Bendigo's Wayne Smith make his 301st donation.

"We need to make people aware on the importance of saving lives".

The Blood you donate gives someone another chance at life. They signal the cells in the bone marrow by the secretion of erythropoietin, to create addition RBCs.

Some residents commended blood donors and said they were not aware of the observance of World Blood Donor Day.

There has been sharp jump in demand for blood but at the same time voluntary contribution is not matching to requirement, Dr. Sugandhi said.

Meat based food may be a good source of iron but it is completely a misconception that vegetarians have less iron in their blood shells. This event raises the awareness among the public about donating the blood. A lot of foods in our Indian diet like spinach, raisins, rajma, chickpeas and apricot are rich sources of iron. Blood donation helps in reducing stress on your mind and body.

Amateur radio 'Field Day' set for June 24-25
The technology has been used since the 1930s and there are more than 700,000 licensed operators in the country, according to ARRL. Zylstra says they want to get young people involved in amateur radio as well. "We can let them use the radio and have fun".

Myth 3: Blood donation hurts.

In Islamabad alone, he said, 68,000 blood donations were collected and used past year. We hope that the stuff will get liked by you and will help you in being a part of this awareness program.

The Indus Hospital's blood centre, started in 2013, collects and provides free of cost, safe blood to patients in nine hospitals.

Not true at all. "From 2014 to 2015, the number of donors had dipped by 27% but the routine blood camps ensured that the numbers rose in comparison from 2015 onwards".

As per the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules of 1945, it is mandatory for a blood bank to renew the license within six months of its expiry, but most of the blood banks have not renewed their licenses. Despite this, only 4% of all blood donors in India are women. In India, blood shortage is more than 2 million pint and counting. The weight should at least 50 Kg.

Donating is safe and simple and on average takes a little over an hour.

Myth 6 Taking medication means that one can not be a blood donor.

People who donate from now until September are entered into a drawing to win a vacation worth $2500.

Good turn-out for World Blood Donor Day